Antonio caligiuri

Health Coach and Ally
AC Nutrition and Wellness
Instagram: @achealthcoach

In June 2017, after seeing Jolie’s social media posts about “An Indigenous Woman’s Journey to Health,” Antonio reached out to let her know that he was really inspired by her videos and that if she had any questions about nutrition or fitness, he’d be happy to help. They talked for a bit and decided to keep in touch.

A few months later, Jolie had founded Indigenous Women Hike and Antonio was once again living in Payahuunadü. They met up and decided to work together in a one-on-one coaching relationship and Antonio eventually accepted the responsibility of organizing all of the backpacking food for the Nüümü Poyo hike.

Antonio has also provided healthy snacks and lunches for the Indigenous Youth Hike and Climb Days that Jolie has helped organize throughout the valley. This work has led to additional opportunities for Antonio to use his knowledge in nutrition and wellness to influence healthy changes for citizens of Payahuunadü.

Antonio now provides coaching to purpose-driven activists and community leaders across the country who are ready to begin their journey to optimal health and improve their capacity serve their communities. If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to take your health to the next level, please visit his website to set up a free consultation.